CPU-Tweaker v:2.0 beta20

-Add support for Intel Sandy & Ivy Bridge CPUs.
-Add the Possibility to change timings.
-Add a mchbar.txt.
-Add Memory ratio and frequency.
-Add detailled memory ratio.
-Add Core VID.
-Replace Hight Refresh and Panic Refresh by tRRSR and tWWSR.
-Fix Close Warning Pop-Up.
-Replace Core VID by VCore.
-Add VDimm on some chip.
-Best XMP Profile is show now instead Jedec Profile in main window.
-Fixe XMP Profile reading.
-Fixe Memory size report.
-Fixe XMP Profile reading when a XMP2 profile exist.

MemSet v:4.1 beta6

-Add support for Intel Core i3 & i5 (Clarkdale) CPUs.
-Increase reading some timings (tWR, tRTP, tFAW) on Core i7.
-Fix a bug when Apply setting with Intel 945 GME chipsets.
-Increase reading memory frequency.

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