CPU-Tweaker v:2.0 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven 32&64 bits

-Add support for Intel Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge CPUs.
-Add VCore and VDimm for all CPUs.
-Increase Reading XMP informations.

Use this software at your own risk!

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Previous version:

CPU-Tweaker v:1.4:

-Increase Reading Cas# on Intel Core i3 CPU.
-Interface was changed (the system information panel is more complete now).
-Add the change of core multiplier for Intel Core i3/i5 Clarckdale CPU.
-Improve the change of core multiplier for Intel Core i5/i7 Lynnfield CPU.
-Add support for Intel Core i3/i5 Clarckdale CPU.
-Fix the bug when aero is disabled if CPU-Tweaker is open on AMD CPU under Windows 7.
-Add some chipsets detection ID.

CPU-Tweaker v:1.3:

-Add support for Intel Core i5 & i7 (LynnField) CPUs.
-DPI size limitation was removed.
-Fix a bug with Unlock procedure With LynnField CPUs.
-Fix a bug with dram size in System panel.
-Add first support for Intel Core i9 (GulfTown) CPUs.

CPU-Tweaker v:1.2:

-Fix a bug with Turbo ratio on Core i7.
-Enable change Core Multiplier on Intel Core i7 CPU.
-Enable change Core and UnCore Multiplier on AMD Phenom CPU.
-Improve Reading frequency.
-Add two timings: "B2B CAS delay" and "Idle Cycle limit" on Core i7 CPU,
"Driver Weak mode" and "Power Down mode" on Phenom CPU.
-Some little change in the interface.

CPU-Tweaker v:1.1:

-Enable change timings on Core i7 CPU with GygaByte, eVGA, DFI and Biostar motherboards.
(Memory Configuration space are locked in the bios on others motherboards).
-Add some Uncore and QPI multi on Core i7.
-Fixe a bug with HT and UnCore multi on K10 in DDR2 533 & DDR3 mode.
-Increase reading some timings (tWR, tRTP, tFAW) on Core i7.

CPU-Tweaker v:1.0:

Only for Processor with Integrated Memory Controller:
-AMD Phenom DDR2 & DDR3.
-INTEL Core i7 DDR3. (Timings and frequency Reading only)

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