MemSet v:4.1/ 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven 32&64 bits

-Fix the problem of DDR3 detection on P45 Chipstes.
-Fix a bug with Performance Level on P35/P45 chipsets.
-Fix a bug when Apply setting with Intel 945 GME chipsets.
-Some problems was corrected.

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Previous version:


MemSet v:4.0:

-Use WinRing0 driver.
-Interface is the same for all chipsets/CPUs.
-Add support for Intel Core i7 CPU (Reading only).
-Loading time was improved.
-Improve frequency reading on Core i7.
-Improved reading SPD info on DDR2 & DDR3.
-Fixe frequency reading on some Core 2 Duo CPU.

MemSet v:3.6:

-Fix a bug with EPP abreviated profile detection.
-Add support for Intel Q45/G41 chipsets.
-Add support for Intel G35 chipsets.
-Add support for Intel PM45/GM45 (Mobile) chipsets.
-Add support for NVidia NForce 630i & 790i FTW chipsets.
-Fix a bug with the Save function on Intel chipsets.
-Improve reading frequency with some Intel CPU.
-K10 support has been removed in this version (Use CPU-Tweaker now).

MemSet v:3.5:

-Add support for NVidia NForce 650 Ultra & NForce 790 chipsets.
-Add support for Intel PM965/GM965 (Mobile) chipsets.
-Add support for Intel P45 chipsets.
-Add spd informations for Intel chipsets with DDR2/DDR3.
-Add some higher timings values for 965/P35/X38 chipsets.
-Add reading some frequency with AMD Phenom CPU.
-Add Intel X48 detection ID.
-Improve reading memory frequency with Intel extreme CPU.
-Improve reading Command Rate with intel P35/X38 on some boards.

MemSet v:3.4:

-Add support for Intel X38 chipsets.
-Add support for K10 DDR2 and DDR3.
-Replace Precharge to Precharge delay by Refresh
period (tREF) timing, on 965 and P35 chipsets.
-Add Command Rate detection, on 965 and P35 chipsets.
-Add some timings for K8 DDR2.

MemSet v:3.3:

-Add support for P35 chipsets.
-Add some timings on 650/680i chipsets.
-Improve readings memory frequency with s.775 CPU.

MemSet v:3.2:

-Add support for Vista 32&64 bits.
-Add "olds" chipsets: Intel 815, NForce2,
Via KT266/333/400.
-Some bug fixed.

MemSet v:3.1:

-Add support for NForce 650i & 680i chipset.
-Add reading frequency for all chipsets
(except for A64/680i).
-Changing reading memory size.
-Some bugs corrected.

MemSet v:3.0:

-Add support for Intel 965.
-Add support for AMD A64 ddr&ddr2.
-Not necessary to install/uninstall driver.
-Save function was simplified.
-Finally all the code was changed.

MemSet v:2.0 & 2.1:

-Add support for 915/945 laptop chipsets.
-Interface was changed for all chipsets,and a little
GroupBox with system informations has been added.
-Some bugs was corrected.

MemSet v:1.1:

-Add support for 845/855 chipsets.

MemSet v:1.0:

-First release, 03.11.06.
-Supported chipsets: 865/875 and 9xx chipsets.

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