A64Tweaker.rar by codered@XtremSystem.org.
a software for read and change all timings on AMD Athlon A64 DDR.

nf2tweaker02.zip by codered & tictac.
Same as above, but for NVidia NForce 2 chipsets.

ClockGen by Franck Delattre.
a software dedicated to overclocking. Its main purpose is to change the system clocks on the fly :
FSB (Front Side Bus) and GSB (Graphic Side Bus). ClockGen also provides some functions
that allow you to improve and monitor your overclock.

SetFSB a software wich allow to change FSB on a lot of motherboards under 2000/XP/Vista.

WPCRedit.exe by H.ODA!
a software wich allow to edit and change PCI configuration registers on all computers.

HWDirect HomePage. by Eprotek.
a software wich allows user to read and modify PC system hardware registers (PCI space,
memory space, smbus access, MSR read and write); Shareware, 30 days evaluation.

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